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Britain’s Got Talent: Christopher Stone Is The Hairless Angel

by | 24th, April 2010

BRITAIN’S Got Talent introduces Christopher Stone – the Hairless Angel; ChrisSto; The Signing Accountant; the one who wouldn’t shut the *** up about Maria.

By day Stone is a 28 year old accountant. By Saturday night telly Stone is a 28-year-old accountant in a beige jumper being kept waiting by Simon Cowell’s pursuit of good telly to live his dreams. Will he go through to the next round with the regurgitated Stevie Starr and the stripper with the burning rag?

And ChriSto:

“I’ve come to Britain’s Got Talent to audition today mainly from pressure from my parents, more than anything else. They’ve been telling me for years and years that I need to do something like this.”

Get out of the house, Christopher. It’s Saturday night. Here’s a fiver. Go on. See you later.

Mum says:

“We’ve come here today to help our son realise his dream. If Christopher got through today we’d be so proud. We’d be shouting it from the rooftops.”

Careful, mum. You can get an Asbo for that.

Christopher sings Maria from West Side Story. He says Maria 2,190 times.

Simon stops it. Simon says:

“Christopher, I would say the problem with you is your lack of conviction, I don’t feel an awful lot of self belief about you.”

The beige jumper adds to the image of helplessness.

Simon adds:

“Christopher, I think you have a really, really good voice, but do we have a star?”

Dunno. Does he have a cat?

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