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Chocolate Makes You Suicidal, Experts Say

by | 27th, April 2010

SCARE story of the day is delivered by the BBC and we learn that people who eat chocolate are depressed. One bar of chocolate a day means you are a depressive.

If you’re 8 years old and looking at one or more bars a day, your most likely suicidal. If you’re fat and in need of chocolate the government advice is to “go for it”.

But keep it clean. Don’t jump off a bridge, especially not onto a road. Best that you smoke and drink yourself to death and help pay of the national debt.

Says the BBC:

Chocolate lovers ‘are more depressive’, say experts


People who regularly eat chocolate are more depressive, experts have found.

Those experts again.

Many believe chocolate has the power to lift mood, and the US team say this may be true, although scientific proof for this is lacking.

Team USA:

But they say they cannot rule out that chocolate may be a cause rather than the cure for being depressed.

Experts say:

Dr Natalie Rose and her colleagues from the University of California, San Diego, say there are many possible explanations for their findings, and that these need to be explored.

So. What are they experts in?

It may simply be that people who are depressed crave chocolate as a “self-treatment” to lift mood, or depression may drive the craving without any beneficial effect.

So. The story is that researchers with a grant to maintain and apepr tow rite (“see, we weren’t just dicking about; we were doing science”) have to idea if chocolate if good for you or not.

What we need is another expert to corroborate this finding:

Bridget O’Connell, of the mental health charity Mind, said: “The way we feel and what we eat can be closely related, and many people will be familiar with craving particular foods or comfort eating when they are stressed, under pressure or depressed.

“However, as this study shows, more research is needed to determine exactly what the relationship between chocolate and our mood is.”

Experts says…


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