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Listen To Gordon Brown Calling Gillian Duffy Voter A Bigot

by | 28th, April 2010

GORDON Brown has been caught on micrphone responding to a voter’s question on immigration by calling her a bigot. Brown says meeting the woman in Rochdale was a “disaster”. Gillian Duffy, the woman Brown was talking to before his mutterings has yet to respond. And  – yes – she is lifelong Labour voter…

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She has now responded. She says says she is an ordinary woman.


Mrs Duffy, a widow from Rochdale, said: “I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet but if that’s what he said I’m very upset.

“I’m very annoyed. He’s an educated person and he should not be calling an ordinary person who just asked him a question names.”

She said: “I liked Blair but not him” and said she doubted she would now be voting Labour. She added: “When he was Chancellor he did some very good things for the country but now it’s just all gone to pot.”

More to follow…


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Prime Minister Gordon Brown speaks to local resident Gillian Duffy in Rochdale. Prime Minister Gordon Brown was caught on microphone today describing a voter he had just spoken to in Rochdale as a "bigoted woman".

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