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Cheryl Cole’s Lips Gloss And Go: Pictures

by | 4th, May 2010

HELLO! magazine meets Cheryl Cole and is told that any talk of Ashley Cole is “off limits”. We would turn off there. But Cheryl has some hairspray to flog. So, we stay to listen to the nation’s sweetheart.

Cheryl says she only remembers the “mean stuff” she reads.

She says you would not want to walk past people in the street saying mean things about your hair. Well, no. But, then, most of us don’t wear hair extensions in a TV advert to sell shampoo with added “mojo”.


Cheryl uses acrylic fibre hair extensions by celebrity hairdresser Julien Guyonnet and has new extensions every three months, with a tidy up every six weeks.

Cheryl says she does not read the media any more. She realises on advice from people who know her like her, er, hairdresser.

“I could literally sit in the chair for a time and come out with a short bob and a fringe.”

And if you’re not praising her hair, you can praise Cheryl’s lips because Cheryl is the lips of Glam Shine lips gloss.

Cheryl goes on to say she eats according to her blood type. It’s a pretty strict diet. And having championed the Eat Right 4 Your Type die, Cheryl tells us that she “doesn’t deny” herself anything. Do you see?

Says she of her face on a can of hairspray:

“When I first walked past it, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I honestly didn’t know whether it was somebody having a laugh. That’s my face on a can of hairspray!”

Oh, never mind. She won’t bother to read what she says anyhow…

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