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Reverend George Rekers, Jo-vanni Roman And The Anti-Gay Rights Pipe Organ Enthusiast

by | 6th, May 2010

WHY it Sucks to be Anti-Gay Activist Rev. George Rekers – the pipe organ enthusiast.

Earlier we brought you news of Rev. George Arkers, the anti-gay rights campaigner and his bag man.

Gay-to-straight conversion specialist George Alan Rekers at Miami airport with travel assistant he booked through (Photo from Miami New Times)

This is not going to be a good day for Rev. Dr. George Alan Rekers.

The anti-gay activist and Baptist minister already had a heads up about the story in today’s edition of the Miami New Times regarding his recent European jaunt with a “travel assistant” he booked by way of, a website known for its collection of always hot, often hung and usually young gay hustlers.

That version of the story – along with a photo of Rekers and his gay Guy Friday just after returning to The States (see photo above) – was enough to bring snickers and guffaws from the gay community in South Florida.

But today the story seems to be blowing up, complete with a prominent spot in the Thursday edition of New York City’s

His associates include Tony Perkins, with whom he founded the Family Research Council, and James Dobson who heads the evangelical hate group called “Focus on the Family.”

Says Rekers’ travel assistant: “I wasn’t sure how to handle it all at first, but now I understand how big of a story this is, that this guy was an anti-gay activist.”

Meanwhile, the Advocate has ID’d the 20-year-old with whom the Rev. was gallivanting halfway ’round the globe.

He is, according to the gay magazine, college kid Jo-vanni Roman.  In an exclusive interview, Roman told a writer at that he “had NO idea who he (Rekers) was. Not until we got back from the trip.”

And to add impudence to Rekers’ already injured ego, hackers have targeted his Facebook page… at least The Rat assumes it was hackers and not the good reverend himself who wrote such things.

When last Anorak’s Man In LA checked the doctored data, Rekers’ religious views were categorized as “Universal Hypocrites of Christ.”

His interests, according to the page, include “poppers, The Cheesecake Factory, and white wine spritzers.”

The only thing funnier than the false personal biographical information, is the fake conversations written on Rekers’ Facebook wall for the world to see.


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