Anorak News | Russell Crowe Suffers Mark Lawson: The ‘Dead Ears’ Interiew

Russell Crowe Suffers Mark Lawson: The ‘Dead Ears’ Interiew

by | 14th, May 2010

RUSSELL Crowe is in conversation with the BBC’s Mark Lawson. Crowe stars in Robin Hood, a middle aged robin from the Middle Ages, with loadsa killing and Milf Marian. It’s a decent interview. But before you listen top it, here’s a review of the thing in the Sun.

In “Crowe storms off BBC show over ‘Irish’ Robin jibe”, readers are told:

“…Crowe stormed out of a BBC interview after he was accused of making Robin Hood sound IRISH in his new film.”

The Sun says Russell Crowe issued a “rant” in reply to Lawson’s posit that his accent in the film owes more to an Australian who’s been in Ireland too long than a resident of Nottingham.

The New Zealander was being quizzed on Radio 4 about his dodgy Sherwood Forest accent when he lost his rag and yelled: “B****cks!”


The Gladiator star raged: “You’ve got dead ears mate – seriously dead ears if you think that’s an Irish accent.”

Raged? Did he mean it to be Irish, asks Lawson?

The actor snarled before flouncing off: “No I was going for an Italian… missed it? F*** me.”

Lawson does well here. He does not lose the interview when others might have flinched. He brings it back and gets Crowe talking after a loud pause. Dead ears but no dead air. As for walking out of the interview, well, he left after replying to Lawson’s final question.

Here’s the thing:


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Lin Peng arriving for the official Robin Hood screening, at the Palais de Festival during the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, France.

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