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Vernon Kay’s One Man Golf With Cows: When Cows Attack

by | 15th, May 2010

VERNON Kay is being chased by cows. No, not women upset by his extra-martial sexting – actual cows. The 17-ft tall bland face of broadcasting, the big-grinned Boltonian – the man who answers the question: “Everyone’s dropped out, who can we get to present?” – says his dog spooked and the cows gave chase.

Kay is on This Morning and the feeling is he needs a good anecdote to make himself appears as a deserving victim who had a narrow escape. Says he:

I was in the back garden with a pitching wedge, as you do, practising, and I got outside and he’s [dog] herded up a herd of cows.

“So I go out, I drag him by the collar. The next minute I hear this roar of thunder — 35 plus cows are hurtling towards us. I dived over our next-door neighbour’s barbed wire fence, cut all my left side and ruined my favourite golf jumper.”

“Cows are a nightmare. They are really dangerous.”

Cows are in Team Tess Daly, Kay’s wife. Cows tells us that Kay plays golf in his garden, on his own…


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