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Lord Triesman Shafted By Melissa Jacobs In No Sex Tape

by | 17th, May 2010

SO. What next for Melissa Jacobs, the flame-haired woman who undid Lord Triesman, now former chairman of the FA? No, not that Melissa Jacobs, the Penthouse Pet porn starlet. Triesman was never that lucky. These aren’t sex tapes. But Triesman did get shafted.

This Jacobs hails from Hillingdon, worked as a civil servant, and is now on Max Clifford’s speed dial.

Over dinner, she recoded her and Dave Triesman’s little chats. His vanity was exposed. She then played the tapes to the tabloids. Triesman revealed that he thinks players are thick and foreigners are duplicitous coves with greasy palms.

Anorak’s in-house Russian, Olga Anorakova, says she might be able to get England’s bid on track but needs a better car to drive in Moscow, a decent place to stay and an Hermes Birkin bag.

But did Triesman scupper England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup, or was the bigger part in that played by Melissa Jacobs and the NoTW in broadcasting the tapes. We don’t know how much Jacobs was paid for the scoop.

Says Triesman:

“A private conversation with someone whom I thought to be a friend was taped without my knowledge. I commentated on speculation circulating about conspiracies. Those comments were never intended to be taken seriously.”

Jacobs may care to call up Faria Alam, who was playing keepy-uppy with then England manger Sven Goran Eriksson and the FA’s chief executive Mark Palios.

She appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, scored a role in Britflick Cash and Curry playing a hit woman and popped up in The Weakest Link.

Failing that, the job as the head of the FA is open. And you don’t need any experience in football to make it yours…

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