Anorak News | Man Jailed For Touching Car With His Bum

Man Jailed For Touching Car With His Bum

by | 22nd, May 2010

ASBO of The Week takes us to Blackburn magistrates’ court, where Daniel David Fletcher has touched a car with his bum. He was not sexing the car, rather leaning on the silver Audi.

Inside the auto was a laptop. And Police believe Mr Fletcher was intending to steal it. Fletcher said he was just rolling a cigarette.

But he is not allowed to touch a car, in accordance with his Asbo – unless he is a paying passenger in a hire car or has the owner’s consent – so he’s up before the Beak. He pleads guilty to breaching his Asbo. He is now in custody and will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court.

Aftab Bakhat, defending, reads from police notes. A WPC has spotted Fletcher acting in a “furtive manner”. Says he:

“She didn’t do anything at that time and in fact returned to the police station. When she went back out on patrol she saw him leaning against a car. His backside was touching the car and that is the extent of his crime.”

His is a thought crime. Unlike this one, who is a man of action

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