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Tila Tequila Discovers An Addiction For Pills In Time For Rehab Show

by | 25th, May 2010

ONE woman content factory Tila Tequila is looking over her CV and wondering “Why no rehab?” Our Man in LA looks at Tila’s next venture:

Being Hollywood D-List is one thing. Look at Kathy Griffin and how she’s used her lack of notoriety to achieve notoriety.

But being tabloid Z-List? Well, that’s something completely different. Just ask Tila Tequila.

Poor thing’s had to go to great lengths to maintain any kind of public interest… come out as bisexual… get engaged to a disinherited, killed, drug-using Band-Aid heiress, Tweeted a coma, create stories about her late girlfriend’s family euthanizing her pets, star in a sex tape, fake surrogate pregnancies for her brother and his barren wife, died, and be photographed comparing her silicone enhanced melons to the real thing in a supermarket produce aisle.

Now… she’s volunteered for Dr. Drew Pinsky’s series, “Celebrity Rehab.”

Wait. She’s an addict? Addicted to something other than fame?

Apparently so, according to Miss Tequila.

The spotlight-loving, reality show has-been has a prescription pill problem. Or so she says on her website.

She writes:

“I KNOW I am an EXTREMELY smart girl, and to run all these empires when I am not even 30 yet, is quite an accomplishment, however I finally admitted to myself that I cannot rely on taking prescription pills everyday for the rest of my life!”

Tila didn’t say exactly what king of pills she’s addicted to. The Rat has to wonder: would birth control pills count?


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