Anorak News | Transsexual Arrested For Flicking Urine At Heterosexual Cop

Transsexual Arrested For Flicking Urine At Heterosexual Cop

by | 26th, May 2010

MEET Kim Goode, arrested for flicking urine at a police officer. No, he hadn’t paid. The cop was responding to call that Goode – a transssexual who underwent a sex change op 10 years ago – had stolen a vest top from an Age Concern charity shop in Worcester.

It is also alleged that Goode stole a bottle of sherry from Somerfield supermarket on the same day.

Sherry and Age Concern… This is a very British caper. Goode was also ejected from an Iceland supermarket for being drunk.

At the station, Goode has her handcuff removed to that she can go to the lav. At this point she manages to flick urine at a copper.

At Worcester Magistrates Court, Goode admitted two counts of shoplifting and assaulting a police officer.

She earns 12 weeks in prison. Says District judge Bruce Morgan:

She stole from a charity shop. A person cannot lower themselves more than stealing from a shop that is trying to raise money for others. As for the urine, that is quite the most disgusting thing I have heard in years.”

PS – see me later, allegedly…

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