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Teenagers Hurt In Breath Holding Contest Car Crash

by | 27th, May 2010

ON Scottsville Mumford Road, New York, four teens are in car. All four teens in the car are holding their breath. The driver, 19-year-old Bryan Parslow of Caledonia, were attempting to hold their breath until they had passed the length of Garbutt, a hamlet that is longer than it looks.

While holding his breath, Mr Parslow fainted.

The car exits the road and hits a tree. It then hits a large boulder. The teenagers, now breathing, are taken to Strong Hospital. The injuries cased by not breathing:

Mr Parslow: broken leg.
Sean Parslow: broken nose
David Fox: broken collar bone and ankle
Brian Sinclair: painful shoulder and pain on his right side.

Estimates put the length of Garbutt at one third of a mile. The estimated speed was 55mph. we can conclude that Mr Parslow is rubbish at holding his breath.

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