Anorak News | Six Flags Bans Woman For Guns Tattoo But Exposes Kids To Violence?

Six Flags Bans Woman For Guns Tattoo But Exposes Kids To Violence?

by | 28th, May 2010

THEY won’t allow Samantha Osborn, 30, into the Six Flags Over Texas fun park because she has a tattoo on her chest of a pair of six-shooters surrounded by yellow roses.

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Says she:

“I got it because I love Texas. I thought of cowboys and six-shooters and the yellow rose of Texas.”

She wanted to show off her tatts at the gun park:

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We tried to enter, one employee grabbed me and said my chest tattoo was offensive and that I may not be allowed into the park. I was flabbergasted.”

“She said it was as offensive as a swastika and that she would sell me a $5 shirt to cover myself up and that they didn’t let people with swastikas into Six Flags, and that my tattoo condoned violence.”

No violence condoned…? At the park where there are rides dedicated to men of peace Daffy Duck, WILE E. COYOTE, YOSEMITE SAM, a thrill ride called Dive Bomber Alley, take The Gunslinger and play those shooting games.

Says mum-of-three, Samantha:

“It just soured the whole experience, and we left.”

Leaving the place to decent folks…

No word from the park, yet.

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