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Stephen Griffiths: The Crossbow Cannibal Was In EastEnders

by | 3rd, June 2010

STEPHEN Griffiths: Shelley Armitage, Kenneth Valentine and EastEnders loses the plot…

Police have confirmed that body parts found in River Aire belong to missing woman Shelley Armitage. But how can Armitage be billed – was she a woman or a prostiute?

The Mail’s headline says “prostitute”. Channel 4 says “woman”. The Guardian delivers: “Bradford murders: remains of second woman found”

Piece of tissue found in river Aire belongs to Shelley Armitage, allegedly murdered by Stephen Griffiths

What says Mr Griffith’s mum, Moira?


Convicted benefits fraudster Moira Griffiths had not been seen since her 40-year-old son was arrested at his flat in Bradford last Monday.

Forget the cannibal killer, this woman’s cheated the system. Perspective is all.

Earlier, Mrs Griffiths said: “I think what they have said he has done is horrible and shocking. It makes me feel horrible just thinking about it. I think I’m still in shock.”

As she left her shabby one-bed flat in Dewsbury, West Yorks, she revealed that she hadn’t spoken to Griffiths since he was charged over the murders of Suzanne Blamires, 36, Ms Armitage, 31, and Susan Rushworth, 43. She said: “I haven’t seen him for years. I moved here and he began to lose touch.”

She has not seen him for “40 years”. Stephen Griffiths is 40. When did she have touch to lose?

She said: “I think what they have said he has done is horrible and shocking. It makes me feel horrible just thinking about it. It’s the kind of thing you never think will happen to you and then it does. I think I’m still in shock.”

As is EastEnders. Can you tell fact from fiction?

All the news so far

Digital Spy: ‘EastEnders’ to drop Lucas prostitute link

EastEnders bosses are to refilm some parts of Lucas Johnson’s story following the recent prostitute murders in Bradford.


During next week’s episodes – which were planned months ago – man of the cloth-gone-bad Lucas (Don Gilet) was to be seen visiting a local red light district and picking up a call girl named Jade.

And a crossbow?

From there, he would drive her away to a remote location and force her to pray for God’s forgiveness.

After she attempts to run away, Lucas gives chase and creating a ligature with his tie – as he previously did while killing his wife’s ex Owen – he would then seemingly strangle the innocent girl to death.

And the actress dies in real life?

A spokesperson for the BBC soap told Digital Spy: “EastEnders storylines are written many months in advance and any similarity to real-life events is coincidental.”

What?! The show set about a London square where no one lives in a stable family with a strong male rodel model, no-one works in the City and no-one’s called Armani is not real? No joke.

They continued: “However, on this occasion – to ensure we do not cause distress to the families involved in the recent tragic events in Bradford – we have decided to reshoot some parts of the storyline involving Lucas Johnson.”


Yesterday evening, Coronation Street pulled its fourth episode of Siege Week following the shooting tragedy in Cumbria, in which 12 people were shot dead by a gunman.

Because people who have lost a loved one might get upset at a fantasy on the telly.

Telegraph Argus: “Tests reveal tissue is that of missing Shelley”

David Myres, of St Andrew’s Villas, a friend of Shelley Armitage’s partner Craig Preston, knelt in front of the floral tributes laid in front of Holmfield Court flats, the home of murder-accused Stephen Griffiths, and said a prayer.

Afterwards he said: “He (Mr Preston) doesn’t know what’s happening. He doesn’t know what’s going on. He keeps saying ‘where’s my Shelley?’ It’s disgusting. Why would somebody do this? My daughter’s 18. She’s not a prostitute but it makes you think. It upsets me and it angers me.”

Another passer-by, who said he had known Shelley Armitage by sight, stopped to read the messages of condolence attached to the flowers. “It’s the people in there I feel sorry for,” he said, pointing to the flats. “Bradford has an air of darkness about it now,” he added.


The man who calls himself the Crossbow Cannibal has an astonishing link with a killer who lived in a flat above him.

The Daily Mirror can reveal it is not the first time Stephen Griffiths’ home has been a murder crime scene.

The ex-public schoolboy, accused of murdering three women in the converted block, was a friend of killer Kenneth Valentine.


In 1996 Valentine, 43, strangled sex worker Caroline Creevy, 25, in his flat. Her body, dumped in a storm drain, was later found by police frogmen.

After Valentine’s conviction the flats, in Bradford’s red light district, were renamed Holmfield Court.

In 1991, five years before he murdered Caroline, Valentine was convicted of killing Leeds woman Janet Willoughby after sexually assaulting her. Cleared of murder, he was found guilty of manslaughter and got seven years. He was out after five.

Stephen Griffiths – in pictures:

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