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Israel: We’re Waving Our Own Knives

by | 4th, June 2010

ISRAELI soldiers raid a “peace boat” called Marvi Mamara. People die. The world’s media reacts by declaring that beating up armed soldiers in a war zone and then being amazed and outraged that they shoot you is unacceptable.

Humanitarians in Hamas, vested interest groups and jihadi sailors – what Israel may call “the enemy”- are displeased.

The BBC and all news agencies make Israel the lead news item – what news of South America, Kashmir, China, Tibet, sub-Saharan Africa, Iran, Yemen and other enlightened places, all deemed too hard to reach, too costly to report on and too tricky to get a simple goody-baddy story out of?

Does the media make matters worse in a war zone? Does the picture skew the facts?

Live from a nice cafe in Israel, our intrepid reporter presses f9 on his keyboard and looks at the bloodshed:

On the love boat:

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