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The Blackburn Mohammad Peace March: Reactions

by | 7th, June 2010

ON the birthday walk for the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in Blackburn, Lancashire. The Lancashire Telegraph says about 7,000 Muslims are on the walk from one side of Blackburn to another.

From Oak Street, Bastwell, to the Jaame Masjid Islamic Cultural Centre Mosque in Chester Street, they journey for celebration prayers, food and refreshments.

Says Zahid Ahmad, one of the organisers:

โ€œIt is with his blessing we have got all these people here today. We would like to say a big thank you to Lancashire Constabulary for all their efforts. To get 7,000 people to walk from one side of Blackburn to the other takes some organising! It’s a peaceful march

Zahid Ibrahim from Bolton said the event was a ‘celebration of peace’: โ€œThe main thing is offering love, peace and harmony to all mankind.โ€

Mankind responds in the comments section:

wrinkles, Baxenden says…

It’s frightening that a mosque could hold 7,000 people for refreshments and celebration. I hope Health and Safety checked the premises beforehand.!

woodyads, Blackburn says…

Would anyone care to enlighten me who exactly paid for Lancashire Constabulary to police this ‘event’? I won’t be happy if the council are making cuts in spending everywhere else yet my council tax is being spent on this.

Voxpopuli, darwen says…

7000. And not one of them can prove that there is any truth in any religion. Brain washed from birth.

Come the Revolution, Gt. Harwood says…

Why can’t they have these marches during the week, when everybody else is at work & not being inconvenienced.

pdb951, Whitworth says…

You are where you were born, not where you choose. If you were born in England you are English so you can winge and whine all you want about being Pakistani or whatever else but if you were born in England you are English. What don’t you understand about that then? Your religion is what has been put into your head from and early age so you don’t have the ability to see understand anything else (also known as indoctrination) A decent human being has respect for other peoples views without the need to try to impose his or her own. You were born in a country which is open and accepting but it appears you are only concerned with taking out of the country from those who work hard and pay in. I want past a mosque at 14:30 on Friday in Rochdale and saw hunreds of people who were flocking out dressed in Andy Pandy clothes looking completely alien. What I want to know is why they were not working. More than half were young men. What is their excuse for not being at work. They can’t all say that they are unable to find work. I saw none of them on crutches so why were they not at work. Who is this aimed at? WORK IT OUT!!! Get off you arses get real and get a job.

Last word with Saima, lancashire says…

Well Suttydog – I’m not actually pakistani, I am Indian but I support England whether they play india in Cricket or Pakistan, in fact, whilst this march was traking place yesterday me and my family were sat at home watching England beat Bangladesh in the Test Match… Great Stuff!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Feel the love.

Spotter: Bat E Karen

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