Anorak News | Ian And Jean Smith Are The Oldest Swingers In the UK

Ian And Jean Smith Are The Oldest Swingers In the UK

by | 8th, June 2010

ANORAK picks up a warm towel and small bar of slippery soap and pops over to see Ian and Jean Smith in Buckhurst Hill, London – the ‘King and Queen of the Swingers’. Ian and Jan Smith have been two parts and assorted bits of over 300 “wild” sex parties since the 1970s.

They love “no strings” sex. They have eight grandchildren and four children. Says Ian:

“I admit we’re a little older than most ’swingers’, but we’re not over the hill quite yet. We love going out, meeting new people and, of course, getting to know those people intimately if the situation or opportunity arises.

“That’s why our relationship is so strong. We trust one other implicitly, but understand each other’s need for extra-marital encounters.”

Jean, 75, adds:

“Letting a counsellor into all the intimate details of your life is considered acceptable, but is far more damaging and intrusive than spending a few hours in the company of someone else.”

Like a jounnalist. Ian’s turn again:

“Our children know but they prefer to say nothing about it – I guess it doesn’t matter how old you get, you can still be embarrassed by mum and dad.”

Just take care at the blindfold parties…

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