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Derrick Bird Bloodlust: The Media Hunts For More Bodies

by | 11th, June 2010

DERRICK Bird: TWELVE people are dead. Garry Purdham has been buried. Eleven are maimed. But it’s not enough. The media is hunting for more potential victims:

* Cyclists’ lucky escape from gunman Derrick Bird as they rode into Cumbria bloodbath


A GROUP of cyclists from East Yorkshire have spoken of the moment they rode into a bloodbath following the shocking shootings in Cumbria. The six long-distance cyclists arrived Whitehaven last Wednesday morning, just minutes after gunman Derrick Bird began killing his victims.


All lived. None were shot.

It’s not only the media that revels in blood?

* A MAN who threatened to cause damage to his former partner’s home sent her a text saying “answer or we have Derrick Bird back” – referring to the Cumbria shooting tragedy in which a dozen people lost their lives.

Do you want armed police on the streets?

The unease is most keenly felt among younger people, with 44 per cent saying they were spooked by officers carrying firearms on regular patrols. Across all groups, just 26 per cent feel reassured and 33 per cent uneasy when asked how they would feel if they saw an armed police officer. A quarter said they did not feel anything…

All the news so far

The final thoughts are with a victim (spotter):

Pam Marsden said Bird drove past her friend Fiona Moretta, 52, of Rishton, as she walked down a quiet country lane, before stopping and reversing.

When he was metres away he told her he was going to kill himself.

Suddenly, Bird shot her in the head, aiming for her face as he had done for many of his victims.

Says a pal:

“She enjoys Tai Chi and I believe that helped her because it allowed her to control her breathing and remain calm despite what had happened to her.”

The pictures:

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