Anorak News | Al Gore’s Body Language Exposes Him As A ‘Green Faker’

Al Gore’s Body Language Exposes Him As A ‘Green Faker’

by | 11th, June 2010

AL Gore has a huge house. No. Not a house. An Ark. The house if big enough for two of everything – six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms…. The BBC reports on green fakery, a condition where the body is out of step with the mind:

There are many “green fakers” who only pretend to be eco-friendly, claims a psychologist who has been studying what is revealed by body language.

Geoff Beattie, based at the University of Manchester, has published research showing how people’s green opinions can be contradicted by their gestures.

People “may care a good deal less” than the views they express, he says.

While words can be controlled, he says “gestures are difficult, if not impossible, to edit”. 

People like – perhaps – AL Gore, them and the Bishop?

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