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Stephen Griffiths: Prostitutes Deserve It More Than Women

by | 12th, June 2010

STEPHEN Griffiths: Anorak’s look at the so-called Crossbow Cannibal in the news – the one who didn’t eat his alleged victims. Shelley Armitage is remembered.

The Yorkshire Post: “Case closed against missing city vice girl”

Not woman. “Vice girl”. In the press your job follows you into the afterlife. “So,” says St Peter, a crashing bore, “what did you do?

Shelley Armitage was due to be sentenced at Bradford Crown Court for assaulting a police officer. The case is now closed.

Tissue fond in the River Aire has been tested. It is found to be part of Miss Armitage.

Stephen Griffiths, 40, is accused of murder Miss Armitage “and fellow sex workers” Suzanne Blamires, 36, and Susan Rushworth, 43.

All the news so far.

Sex workers. Or women, as you may call them. Sex workers can be men, too.

Telegraph & Argus: “Bradford women who were killed are remembered at gathering in Centenary Square”


Hundreds gathered for the women-only vigil in Tyrrel Street, opposite Centenary Square, in silent remembrance of Suzanne Blamires, Shelley Arimtage and Susan Rushworth.

There were emotional scenes as women, many dressed in black, formed a circle in the street and lit candles to honour the memory of the three women.

Women. Does their being women not prostitutes make them sound more like victims deserving of sympathy? Do we care what the victim did for a living? Do prostitutes have it coming?

Former prostitute and Bradford brothel-keeper Charlie Daniels said: “I’m just here to pay tribute to the lives of the women.” She said she also wanted to raise awareness of the dozens of women in the industry who she says are missing across the UK.

It might be worse…


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