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Kerry Katona Is Over The Moon And On The Leash

by | 15th, June 2010

KERRY Katona is on the front of OK! magazine walking a tiger on a leash. In her hand she holds a and small dog. Only the leash is not about the Tiger’s neck, which suggests photoshop or else Kerry is in danger. The dog might be less a pet than a morsel.

Inside OK! and Kerry is lying on a table surrounded by three glum-faced men in black suits. Is she about to be undressed and covered in Iceland frozen squirrels? Or is she dead?

We never find out, because Kerry just wants to tells us about her OK! column. She is “over the moon to be back!”.

Says Kerry:

“The old Kerry is me now. I lost my way and I went all weird but this is the old Kerry that everyone fell in love with. That wasn’t me before, it was a different Kerry.”

New Kerry is the old Kerry but the old Kerry wasn’t really Kerry.

“It’s been a journey,” says Kerry.

A journey without end. Round and round and round and round it goes until one day she spins down life’s plug ole.


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