Anorak News | Koupparis And The Fox: ‘Battered’ Twins, Six Dead And Fox Attacks Cardiff School

Koupparis And The Fox: ‘Battered’ Twins, Six Dead And Fox Attacks Cardiff School

by | 18th, June 2010

KOPPARIS And The Fox: Isabella and Lola Koupparis are back at their parent’s Pauline and Nick’s London home. Six foxes have been trapped and killed (murdered, they say, by a kind of Ripper) in Hackney. The media remains focused:

Daily Mail (front page): “Second twin girl mauled by a fox goes home”

We get to look at “Tiny Isabella Koupparis. She’s 9-months-old and to our trained eyes she looks bigger than average.

The twins were hurt in “the freak attack”. A freak attack that Lord Henley minister at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs says might lead to contraceptives for foxes.

And not just any freak attack by one enacted in a “£800,000 three-storey Victorian house”.

Edwardian houses expect this kind of thing. Council estates invite it. But three-storey Victorian houses with period features… Well, it’s not the done thing.

Anyhow, get a load of the bandages on Isabella’s army. The Mirror’s Tom Mctague gawps:
But despite the family’s huge relief yesterday, sleepy Isabella wasn’t milking the attention as she returned home.

Meanwhile, over in Cardiff. Terror!

Pupils at two primary schools have been kept indoors at lunch-time after a fox was spotted in the playground.

A spotted fox? The cunning bastards. That’s no dear, kids. Noooooooo!

The animal was spotted outside Cefn Onn Primary School, which shares a site with Ysgol Y Wern Primary School in Llanishen, Cardiff.

Back in Hackney:

Yesterday, in a handwritten letter taped to their front door, Mr and Mrs Koupparis, both 41, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the amazing support and kindness from our friends, family, the local community, hospitals, police and beyond.”

What news from Dubai?

Years ago, the fox was a sly-but-shy animal, favoring to dwell in broad, open areas, trying its best to be at distance from human beings.

You could leave your front doors open back then…

In 2010, more and more is being heard regarding fox hostility, mainly the recent assault on the nine-month-old twins from east London, Isabella and Lola Koupparis.

The battering of two infants, found smeared in blood in their cots, has stimulated an extraordinary tumult concerning the threats caused by the city fox.


It’s getting worse…


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