Anorak News | Fake Chinese Condoms Lubricated With Vegetable Oil

Fake Chinese Condoms Lubricated With Vegetable Oil

by | 19th, June 2010

FANCY buying a bootleg Torjan condom. Anorak’s Man in a New York pickle writes:

IF you’ve ever been to New York’s Chinatown, you know it’s the place to buy bootleg designer clothing and the latest faux Luis Vuitton totes or Hermes Birkin bags.

Turns out it’s also a good place to buy Trojan condoms for next to nothing. Problem is, the Trojans are as phony as the Fendis.

In a crack down on Chinese-made fashion knockoffs, the feds also discovered more than a half-million bootleg condoms.

And it gets worse.

The prophylactics didn’t have the spermicide advertised on the packaging. Worse still, they later failed a water leakage test.

Apparently counterfeit condoms are big business in China. One 2009 report claims chinese officials raided a Hunan Province penis-wrap factory and found that more than 2 million of them had been lubricated with vegetable oil.


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