Anorak News | Peter Andre’s “Cockatiel” Tattoo Rights Katie Price Wrongs

Peter Andre’s “Cockatiel” Tattoo Rights Katie Price Wrongs

by | 22nd, June 2010

POP acorn Peter Andre tells readers of New! magazine that rubbing out his Katie Price ring tattoo is not that easy. Like dried Wotsits on a virgin’s sheets, the stain sticks.

Tattoos – Weird And Stupid Ones

Peter bears the word “Katie” on his ring finger. That finger is for Katie and Katie alone. That finger will never touch another woman – unless she is also called Katie.

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Says Pete:

“I’m in the process of having my Katie tattoo removed from my wedding finger, but it’s proving to be quite difficult.”

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What about altering it to say “cockatiel”? It’s Australian and oddly apt…

“It’s not the fault of the people who are lasering it off at all, but I had it done in the States, and unfortunately the ink they use over there is much more difficult to get rid of.”

Fat ink.

Tattoos – Weird And Stupid Ones

“It’s an ongoing process but I’m in quite a lot of pain, and the laser treatment is causing some scarring, which isn’t great.”

Bad news for Pete, who has more talent in his finger than most of us have in our entire hands…


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