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Bath Council ‘Killjoys’ Bans Ugly Wooden Tall Crosses From Graves

by | 24th, June 2010

THE Star screams that crosses have been banned from graves at Weston-super-Mare. Only, they haven’t. Only crosses over 2ft tall are not wanted. The Star calls this the works of – get this – “killjoys”.

The Mail shouts:

A council is under fire for banning crosses from one of its cemeteries – over health and safety fears.

The Sun says a cross erected by one Liz Maggs was removed because it was “too ugly“.

The Mail says it was banned because it was made of wood.

The Sun says:

A North Somerset Council spokesman said: “There are regulations we ask people to follow. It is a lawn cemetery and, as such, is not allowed to have anything over 6in raised above ground level.

So not 2ft as the Star reported?
North Somerset Council said the cross on Rosemary Maggs’ grave was not suitable because all the other graves in the cemetery had flat memorial stones, not upright headstones.

Readers are then treated to a delicious quote from “mourner” Liz Maggs, whose 26-inch-high wooden cross was removed:

“The rules are completely over the top”.

Calm down. You might die laughing…

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