Anorak News | World Cup: England V Germany And The Media’s Bloodlust

World Cup: England V Germany And The Media’s Bloodlust

by | 25th, June 2010

ENGLAND V Germany: The World Cup jingoism is being cranked up like a Spitfire’s propeller. Why do England feel so unsettled by the Germans? Is is because they have contested 11 major finals sicne 1966. Or is it because, although Britain and her allies won the war it was Germany that had the confidence to start them?

The cover of the Daily Star has Wayne Rooney with fists raised ready to fight. Only, if Wayne does punch a German, he will be sent off and Engand’s chances of victory lessened.

Still, at the least if he does the Star and every right-minded Englishman off his face on cheap fizzy ale will cheer him on. Everyone else will just blame Rooney and call him names…

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