Anorak News | Jermaine Jackson: Michael Jackson Was Killed And Conrad Murray’s The ‘Fall Guy’

Jermaine Jackson: Michael Jackson Was Killed And Conrad Murray’s The ‘Fall Guy’

by | 30th, June 2010

JERMAINE Jackson wants to “speak from his heart” about the death of his brother Michael Jackson. He wants to speak with you, Hello! magazine readers.

And while he speaks he wants to show you lots of his stuff, such as the zebra-print rugs on his lounge floor, his kidzz Jermajesty and Jaafar, his wife Halima and his hair not seen outside an advert for California Sun-Maid raisins.

Michael Jackson 1980-1990

Jermaine tells us that he’s NOT made of steel and when “the world cried” after the man the media called Wacko Jacko died, the Jacksons also cried.

Hello! says “family is plainly paramount” to the man who has seen children by three women.

Funeral pics

Before Michael Jackson died, Jermaine was on Celebrity Big Brother. That was the show that included Jermaine uttering the phrase “white trash” and a chat with Jade Goody:

Jade: “You’re actually black aren’t you?”
Jermaine: Nods
Jade: “‘Cos lookin’ at you, like, you’re dark, like your brothers.”
Jermaine: Worried
Jade: “But looking at Michael, he’s gone white actually, ain’t he?”

Now, he’s in Hello! talking about a Michael Jackson-themed concert in the Gambia. Jermaine reads Michael’s poem called Planet Earth.

“All I heard was his voice. The moon was hidden by clouds but when he started talking it became very clear and bright. Right after it finished, the clouds covered the moon again.”

But Jackson is dead. And Jermaine pulls on his police hat, as worn by Officer La Toya Jackson of the Michael Jackson home-icide squad, and says that Dr Conrad Murray – the non-doctor–  is the “fall guy”. Jermaine Jackson says “someone took” Michael Jackson’s life.

Michael Jackson Pre-1980

And, in other news, he and the Jackson brothers plan to do some shows. No, not Big Brother. No, no Dance Like Michael Jackson (yep, really.) Something even bigger than that comeback

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