Anorak News | Ashley Cole’s World Cup ‘Sex Texts’ Shame Us All

Ashley Cole’s World Cup ‘Sex Texts’ Shame Us All

by | 4th, July 2010

ASHLEY Cole’s World Cup. The tabloids continue to berate Cole. In today’s instalment of Blame Cole, Mr Cheryl Cole “sends explicit messages to model just before kick off”.

So says the Sunday Mirror.


Cheryl Cole (NSFW)

Is it? Is he shamed? You wonder if Cole knows what shame is given that he’s been accused of shagging loadsa women while married to “nation’s sweetheart” Cheryl? And did he send the texts – you can lose your phone; just ask David Beckham?

Two-and-a-half hours before the opening clash with the USA – as Cole was preparing to play for his country – he was begging the blonde to send him “a real dirty” naked picture of herself.

Pray that she did it. As we know, Ashley’s lifestyle enabled him to win the Double with Chelsea and earn £100,000 a week. A dirty picture might have made it treble and his life even better.

The Mirror does not say if she sent the text before kick off. But he did ask her again:

Even after that dismal 1-1 draw, he was still thinking of sex as the team set out days later for their crunch Slovenia match – sending another text pleading with the model to send him another explicit ¬picture.

Says the trusty source:

“He would get frantic if the pictures wouldn’t arrive in time for him to see them before kick-off. I think fans will be really shocked that this was how he ¬prepared for games.”

The only shock is that he wasn’t actually shagging her and one of the country’s sporting heroes is forced to resort to mobile phone porn for kicks. If an England footballer cannot shag who he wants, when he wants then we are all f****d.

“If the way he prepared is ¬anything to go by it’s little wonder they played so badly – he ¬clearly wasn’t only focusing on football.”

How could he when he hadn’t had a shag?

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