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Page 3 Girl In Fox Attack Rabies Horror

by | 4th, July 2010

FORMER Page 3 Stunna Sam Fox has been treated for rabies after she was bitten by a …cat. The Star says “Rabies is potentially fatal”.

What bit Sam? It wasn’t a fox. Call off the dogs. Go for the cats.

It’s front-page news on the Star. Sam is well enough to tell us her story:

“I love animals, especially cats but over there they’re considered like rats and are left to fend for themselves. I ended up feeding a lot of them, giving them bits of shellfish after dinner. This one was laying on my feet and I thought we were getting on really well so I went to stroke him but he bit me so hard it went down to the bone.”

The dirty rat. So. Sam’s got rabies, and in the UK? Well, no. Sam Fox was in Thailand. And she did not get rabies. But she might have.

In other news, Sam has recovred to be on the telly soon in a….


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