Anorak News | Woman Gets Knuckles Caught In McDonald’s Toilet

Woman Gets Knuckles Caught In McDonald’s Toilet

by | 9th, July 2010

THE woman in the toilet at the Barnstable branch of McDonald’s toilet wants to prevent her false nails from snapping. She’s using her knuckles to depress the flusher.

Her knuckles are now trapped,. He hand is beginning to swell up.

Firefighters are called. They used cutting equipment to release the woman.

A McDonald’s spokesman says:

We check our toilets every 15 minutes to make sure everything is OK. The first time we checked the woman didn’t say anything, presumably because she was embarrassed.

“However, 15 minutes later she told our attendant that her finger was stuck and we had to call in the fire brigade to assist”

If you find something crunchy in your nuggets, take a photo…

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