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Police Work To Turn Raoul Moat Into A Victim: Pictures

by | 13th, July 2010

RAOUL Moat is dead. And all eyes are now on the police.

Moat murdered his ex-lover’s boyfriend, shots the ex-lover, one Sam Stobbart, and then fired bullets into PC David Rathband’s face. Moat shot at three unarmed people. He was a dangerous man, for sure. But the police are doing their best to foster the idea Moat was some kind of ginger anti-Charles Bronson.

With Moat cornered, the police talked with him for six hours. And then…? Well, then what? Moat is dead. He shot himself. But was he shot by Tasers before, after or during the moment he pulled the trigger and brought his life to an end?

Police state that two officers fired shotgun Tasers at Raoul Moat. The police fired XREP pump-action weapons. The XREP has a range of100ft. If the victim tried to pull out the prongs, his hands are electrocuted. The burst of electricity last for 20 seconds. Did they fail?

An inquest says the Tasers were “understood to be in an attempt to prevent him taking his own life“.

The question is this: Could the Tasers have caused Moat to twitch and fire the gun he was holding to his head?

Police were two feet away from Moat when he fired his gun. But they have not told us when they fired their Tasers. And the longer they go without telling us, the more Moat will start to look like some kind of victim…


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Raoul Maot lies prone

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