Anorak News | Police Practiced Shooting Raoul Moat On Bags Of Rubbish

Police Practiced Shooting Raoul Moat On Bags Of Rubbish

by | 17th, July 2010

RAOUL Moat – killer, Superman and media-made folk hero – was shot by two Shotgun Tasers the police tested on plastic bags.


We have yet to be told if the police shot Moat before, during or after his shot himself. But witnesses in Rothbury claim to have seen police taking delivery of and firing brand new X12 stun guns into bags of garden rubbish.

A Jason Potts says:

“(They said) ‘We’ve been waiting for these for a while, we’re getting them now. What a co-incidence.”

The inference seems to be that only with the media watching do the police get the weapons they want to do the job. What job they did, remains to be known…

More on the gun:

The X12 fires a jolt through the air (wirelessly) through nonlethal bullets that can cut through clothing to paralyze a perpetrator within an effective range of 88 feet. Apparently this paralysis occurs without pain (though I wonder if that’s a relative idea), meaning that freeze tag just got a whole lot more fun, though ever so slightly less fair.

Although you can even thing up a bit with a sawn-off shotgun, which fires lethal bullets quite a long way…

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