Anorak News | Pope Ignored 700-Year-Old Saint Over His Priestly Child Sex Pervs!

Pope Ignored 700-Year-Old Saint Over His Priestly Child Sex Pervs!

by | 24th, July 2010

ONE of the joys of being an intermediary between this world and the next (Sat Navs for the latter not yet available) is that each month Madame Arcati receives an email bulletin from the famed American medium Elizabeth Baron.

Elizabeth is a phenomenon.  Her spirit guide is no ordinary immortal but the 14th Century Saint Catherine of Siena (25 March 1347 – 29 April 1380), aka Mrs Jesus Christ and still a seraphic virgin. Among St C’s many modern accomplishments was helping US troops track down the former dictator of Panama, Manuel Noriega, via Elizabeth back in 1989. How she did this you can read about here – not wishing to strain Anorak readers’ credulity, I give you the option. Perhaps click the link later after you’ve had a drink.

But there’s no doubting St Catherine’s American patriotism, even if she was Italian-born 700-odd years ago.

Anyhow, in Elizabeth’s latest epistle, she tells of another amazing happening. Back in 1986, St Catherine was so troubled by all the child sex abuse cases emerging in the Roman Catholic Church that she got Elizabeth to write a letter to Pope John Paul II, predicting that the Church faced ruin if something wasn’t done about the priestly pervs. And how did the pontiff react to this? Elizabeth writes:

“The letter was acknowledged and ([I] even received a thank you response… for sending it, but no action was taken.  God is a forgiving God. Peoples of the earth are forgiving too if they see that someone is taking responsibility for their actions, but no action is being taken. Silence is not the answer. “

His Holiness probably thought Elizabeth was  just another silly delusional cunty channeler (to paraphrase), bound for hell and deserving only of polite dismissal. Yet what kind of church is it that ignores one of its own sainted daughters, just because she communicates through an American (probably “Betty” to her friends)?
Madame Arcati merely asks questions, the judgements I leave to you know-alls. But I think St Catherine would make a better pope, don’t you?

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