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Nick Griffin Banned From Queen’s Garden Party: Pictures

by | 22nd, July 2010

BNP Leader Nick Griffin never made it to the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. But the Palace ruled that he was using it for “party political purposes“. He had earlier called it a “highly symbolic breakthrough” for the BNP. Such is the power of tea.

Last year he never went either. And next year. He probably won’t go. This will go on until the public gets the message that standing in the Queen’s garden sipping over-brewed tea while Prince Philip screams “Pull!” and “Release the hounds!” from his bedroom window is the stuff of dreams.

Better, perhaps, that Mr Griffin meet the Queen on a Stag stalking expedition or on the cross channel ferry to France on August 14th at 754 pm sharp.

Says the Palace:

“Nick Griffin MEP will be denied entry to today’s garden party at Buckingham Palace due to the fact he has overtly used his personal invitation for party political purposes through the media. This in turn has increased the security threat and the potential discomfort to the many other guests also attending.

“Mr Griffin’s personal invitation was issued to him as an elected member of the European Parliament. The decision to deny him entry is not intended to show any disrespect to the democratic process by which the invitation was issued.

“However, we would apply the same rules to anyone who would try to blatantly politicise their attendance in this way.”

Prince Charles was not invited either…


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The Duke of Edinburgh talks to guests, during a Buckingham Palace Garden Party in central London.

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