Anorak News | Dominique Cottrez Is France’s ‘Killer’ Octomum: Pictures

Dominique Cottrez Is France’s ‘Killer’ Octomum: Pictures

by | 29th, July 2010

DOMINIQUE Cottrez is France’s entry into the contest to find the world’s most hideous woman. Cottrez has confessed to suffocating eight newborns children. Two she buried in her garden at Villers-au-Tertre. Sis she tied up in plastic bags and stored in the garage.

Her job makes her credentials all the more impressive – she worked as a nursing auxiliary. Her husband, one Pierre-Marie Cottrez, is a local councillor.

Cottrez, a mother of two who made it, is said tyo have not wanted any more children.

Eric Vaillant, the prosecutor of Douai, tells media:

“She explained that she didn’t want any more children and that she didn’t want to see a doctor to take contraceptives. She was perfectly conscious of the fact that she was pregnant each time.”

Village mayor Patrick Mercier sticks up for Mr Cottrez:

“On the pregnancies, no one had any idea of anything. The mother would go out rarely; she has significant weight problems. She’s a pleasant person even if she was withdrawn.”

The two buried bodies were left in the garden of Mrs Cottrez’s parent’s home, where they were discovered by the new owners. Yep, the home was sold with the bodies in situ. As alleged crimes go, this one seems not all that well planned out…

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