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How Derek ‘The Hoff’ Hough Saved Cheryl Tweedy’s Life And Other Facts

by | 1st, August 2010

DID you know that Derek Hough saved Cheryl Cole’s life? The Mirror says Hough called “999” when Cheryl took ill. Yes, he had previously taken married Cheryl to Tanzania, where it is thought she caught malaria. But that was Cheryl Cole. The Mirror says this woman’s name is Cheryl Tweedy. Although it isn’t.

But the story goes that Hough called the emergency services. As we learn:

Cheryl Tweedy has revealed that she owes her life to boyfriend Derek Hough.

The X Factor star says a medical blunder left her just hours from death, and she only pulled through after dancer Derek told medics to carry out further tests… which showed she had malaria.

Hough is pronounced Hoff, as in David Hasselhoff. Derek Hough is the new Mitch Buchanan. He’s not, reportedly, dating a married woman. He’s saving her life:

Cheryl told a friend: “Derek saved my life. If he hadn’t spoken out to the doctors and told them he thought something was seriously wrong I would probably have died.”

The loquacious friend goes on to quote their conversation with private Cheryl:

“I thought I had a bad case of flu and everyone else agreed. I was even told to stay at home and get some rest. The doctors were so certain it was not serious, and I believed them.”

As for Derek the hero:

“Derek blames himself for Cheryl getting the malaria and was terrified she was going to die. She’s become so important to him, he could not imagine his life without her. He was worried sick and was going without food and sleep he was so concerned.

“Derek is just thankful she is OK now – and he has vowed to stay close to her so he can do everything he can to make sure she stays healthy.”


“Derek is her rock…”

Adn she is his Princess of Hearts. As for other tabloid facts:

They are currently staying in a villa at the Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood.

Or as the, er, Mirror also says:

Cheryl’s just gone and landed a month’s stay at Simon Cowell’s well nice LA mansion.

Such are the facts…


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