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Kerry Katona’s ‘Stalker’ Revealed

by | 3rd, August 2010

KERRY Katona is accusing her ex – the one to whom she is still married – of stalking her. The ex is “MARK CROFT” and Kerry says he “nearly killed me”.

Says the Star:

KERRY Katona was reeling last night after her ex-husband began behaving like an obsessed lovesick stalker.

Why bother stalking Katona. Thanks to a decent agent and a complaint Daily Star, Crofty can folly Kerry’s every move in the news media. Today, for instance, Kerry is blonde and pushing her chest against a strip of oak veneer.

Says the Star:

Now he claims he will win her back, and that Kerry is still besotted with him and often phones for chats. He admitted: “I’ll be in love with her until I die.”
Kerry is “horrified” and “sickened” by his claims. As she says:

“I love him because he is the father of two of my children. But I will never, ever go back to him.”

So those “bizarre” claims are based on a fact? A fact that Croft told something called Star magazine, an organ that comes free with OK! and is published by the same firm that published the, er, Daily Star. As Croft said:

“I know Kerry is still in love with me. She said to me when we first split: ‘Mark, I will always love you till the day I die.’ She said: ‘Mark, I am being truthful, I have got feelings for you.’ So I am presuming she’s still got them.”

No need to presume when you have a tabloid press to create a non-story and then fill in the gaps…


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