Anorak News | Hells Angels Leader Falls Fouls Of Failed Benefits System

Hells Angels Leader Falls Fouls Of Failed Benefits System

by | 7th, August 2010

IN Luleå, Sweden, Kent Nilsson, a Hells Angels gang leader has fallen foul of the local benefits agency – he’s been nicked the Insurance Agency for committing crime while on sick pay for a bad back. The argument goes that if his back was bad he would not have been able to commit crimes he’d been sentenced for.

Nilsson, who has been claiming State benefits since 1998, sad his back was so bad he could not endure long car rides. Earlier in court he had been convicted of smuggling alcohol after travelling in a car from northern Sweden to Germany. That was after he’d loaded up a car with loadsa booze.

Nilsson has until August 28th to pay back 1.4 million kronor after which time he will be charged additional interest.

But if he pays the money back, isn’t the state being paid back from illegal earnings, presumably he’s spent the disability allowance? And if he can’t pay the interest, he will end up jail and the State will have lost its money and be paying to keep him fed and warm because its sytem failed…

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