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Naomi Campbell’s Tabloid Trial Day 5: Nelson’s Friends And The Up Do

by | 10th, August 2010

THE tabloid trial of Naomi Campbell continues: Day 5. To recap: Campbell is so attractive that a Milk Tray man delivers her diamonds in the dead of night. Is the mystery caller Liberian despot Charles Taylor, accused in the Hague of fomenting war, rape, murder, slavery and trading diamonds for it? Mia Farrow says “yes”. Having seen Woody Allen naked, Farrow is afraid of nothing.

Campbell has yet to get a gift of plutonium from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – but the dinner party circuit can be unpredictable.

Now read on…

The Race Card

Says Campbell:

“I’ve no motive here. Nothing to gain. I am a black woman who has and will always support good causes especially relating to Africa.”

Charles Taylor is a black man. Skin tones might not be the best defence.

The statement continues:

She was not on trial in the Hague and was as helpful towards the court as she could be. These events took place 13 years ago, many years before Taylor’s alleged wrongdoings were known. Regardless of people’s recollections it’s indisputable and has been confirmed by all witnesses concerned that Naomi handed over the diamonds at the first possible opportunity for the benefit of a South African children’s charity.”

The White Woman

NAOMI Campbell exchanged texts with dictator Charles Taylor hours before his two henchmen arrived to give her the “blood diamonds.”

The supermodel’s former agent Carole White said she was texting someone working for Charles Taylor who was telling her when the precious stones would arrive.

In Court

Asked whether, as she had previously told prosecutors in May, she had heard the former warlord tell the supermodel over dinner at Nelson Mandela’s house that he was going to “send her diamonds”, she eventually admitted that she had not.

“I can’t recall those words,” she said. She had interpreted a nod from Taylor to Campbell as a sign of “acquiescence” from the warlord to the model, she said.

That’s Taylor – as in a person who makes clothes for models

When E! News is reporting on trials at The Hague, and doing a better job of it than most major media outlets, you know you’ve wandered into a place you don’t want to be. For much of the world, the Campbell/Farrow battle royale will prove to be the real focus of this story. How incredibly sad that a contradiction between an ex-supermodel and Woody Allen’s ex-girlfriend is the only reason most people are aware of it. – Robert Laurie

Nelson’s Friends

And while we’re at it, what was up with that guest list, Nelson Mandela? You invited former Liberian President Charles Taylor – war criminal – to a dinner, intended to benefit your Children’s Fund? What was that about?

As a rebel leader, Charles Taylor was renowned for the recruitment of child soldiers and the wholesale slaughter of civilians in Liberia’s civil war, which had spilled into neighboring Sierra Leone – for control of the diamond trade – in 1991. So really, the dinner was about selling out Sierra Leonean kids for South African ones?

You, sir, got out of jail in early 1990. I know you had a country to fix – but virtually the entire time since you were released from prison – up to and beyond that 1997 dinner party – Charles Taylor was a murderous thug. No excuse for not knowing!
As for Mia Farrow? Well, we’ll let that one slide. – MP Nunan

It’s Her Trial, Dammit

Naomi Campbell could face charges for possessing ‘illegal’ uncut diamonds which she later handed over to the head of one of former South African leader Nelson Mandela’s charities, police in South Africa say.

Well, she could. And that would be exciting and give media a chance to keep gawping at Campbell.

And get a load of that war-crime hair-do!

Jess Cartner-Morley tells us:

“The 1960s sexy, messy updo has been around for a while,” says Hersheson. “What’s new this season is that the look has gone back a few years. It’s a bit more 1950s. It is a look that projects respectability, and seriousness.” (This might be why Naomi Campbell chose it for her appearance at the Hague last week.) “It’s for a girl who wants to look like a woman”…

Life & Art

After her testimony – which she was was “really inconvenient” – Naomi jetted to Sardinia for a night of partying at the exclusive Billionaires club in Porto Cervo and strategically chose to seat herself next to DiCaprio who starred in 2006’s Blood Diamond – a film set during the Sierra Leone conflict former Liberian president Taylor is accused of financing with the jewels.

Gold On Diamonds

Campbell described the diamonds given to her as “small, dirty-looking stones”. To a supermodel, fed on mirrors, the diamonds weren’t sparkly shrapnel from a war. They were a commodity and, because they were not pretty – or branded – she despised them. When she realised that they had a significance beyond their appearance, she was almost touchingly bewildered. Were she to be introduced to some teenagers with bulimia, I suspect she would be bewildered again. Tanya Gold

Rape. Bulemia. Murder. Bulemia. Slavery. Bulemia. Make the link, Tanya…

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