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Kiesha Abrahams Hunt Shames Kyron Horman Detectives

by | 12th, August 2010

KIESHA Abrahams: Anorak’s look at the missing child in the news – the child billed as Australia’s ‘Madeleine McCann’.

Police says they are treating all the young girl’s immediate family as suspects. In other words, they are keeping an open mind. (This is very different to the case of Kyron Horman where police seem to be focused on one family member, the step-mother Terri Moulton-Horman).

Sky News:

A psychic trying to find a missing six-year-old girl in Australia has discovered a woman’s torso in bushland…

The psychic is Aboriginal elder Cheryl Carroll-Lagerwey.

She and a companion went to a creek in the Nurragingy nature reserve in the Sydney suburb of Doonside – a few miles from Kiesha’s home – and found a plastic bag on the embankment which contained the woman’s grisly remains.

Says Sky:

A dismembered body was found near the edge of Eastern Creek at Doonside. The head, arms and legs are still missing.

Says Detective Chief Inspector Pamela Young:

“It’s quite interesting that there’s a woman and she had a sense or feeling it was worth her while to come to this particular part of the park. We’re still exploring that, it’s certainly an interesting proposition of hers.”

The police appear professional and open-minded.

The body is thought to be that of Kristi McDougall, missing since June 19.

The Facebook Detectives

Not everyone is an armchair detective. Six women searched the place where the aforesaid body was found before the psychic arrived.

The western Sydney women who searched the Nurragingy Reserve for Kiesha met on Facebook and went to the reserve believing it was a place where someone might hide a body.

Belinda Murphy, 40, said: ”There are areas … there that are not set aside as recreational ground. If someone wanted to bury a body in an area that would never be dug up, it would be an Aboriginal sacred site like that.”

The search goes on…

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