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World Testicle Cooking Championship Coming Soon

by | 13th, August 2010

THE World Testicle Cooking Championship are coming soon – to a rural bench in Serbia. And you thought they’d already been staged in that sauna.

The blurb – and this from the cook-offs “English” section:

No one could guess that this championship would experience worldwide glory. The competition took place on October 30, 2004 and then over 600 internet sites and famous media companies announced that the first WORLD TESTICLE COOKING CHAMPIONSHIP had been held.

Since then, cooks from all over the world – Norway, Finland, Republic of Serpska, Macedonia, Australia, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, the USA, Canada, Hungary have entered the competition.

With nuts?

When it comes to a very unusual name – World Testicle Cooking Championship, one thing is to be clearfied – this highly unique competition has nothing to do with any kind of vulgarity. There’s no stripping of clothes, naked bodies showing off, alcohol drinking competitions of any kind. Everything that happens, happens in the spirit of domestic positive atmosphere.

More Bolloxs to follow…

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