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Man Grows A Vagina And Menstruates

by | 17th, August 2010

JALI Mateyu is the father of six in Malawi who grew a vagina. No, not in a jar. He grew one on his own body. Well, so he says. (If boffins could grow a vagina and not an ear on a mouse would mice become more popular?)

Mr Mateyu has female genitalia and can menstruate. Says he:

Two years ago I developed strange human flesh on my anus and my wife confirmed to me that they were female genitals but they disappeared. In June this year they reappeared just between the anus and the genitals. My member shrunk and later disappeared. There were only female genitals.”

Jali does what anyone would do and heads to a herbalist. His vagina is cut. He rubs on the herbs. Says he:

“Now male genitals have resurfaced but they are too weak; I can’t perform in bed.”

He should perform on stage. But is this bollocks? No. Witchcraft!”

Jali says that things went bad when he took a second wife. The first wife was not impressed, and neither was her mother:

“And that sends strong indications that her mother is responsible for this.”

And has time on his hands to think what went wrong. He has sold his seven goats to pay for treatment. And he can’t work. As he says:

“I cannot do any work with this itching.”

At least he has two hands to itch with…

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