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Fat Burglar Gets Caught In Bow Window

by | 18th, August 2010

WE are now all so fat that a 36-year-old thief has become wedged in the window frame of the house he is trying to burgle in Bow, east London. He becomes stuck at around 2am. He is discovered by a resident coming downstairs.

He remains stuck for six hours while firemen work to free him. He has climbed head first into the premises.

The opening measures 12 inches by eight inches – which was big enough to facilitate burglars’ entry and exit before the advent of cheap protein and fat.

One neighbour, tells the Evening Standard:

“It was hilarious. All of the neighbours came outside to take a look at his legs and backside sticking out of the window. He must have felt a right idiot. Most people wanted him to be left there. There is one neighbour who is a surgeon, and he told the emergency services he’d be able to get the burglar out without damaging the window. But they politely declined, saying they would rather get him out in one piece.”

Police describe the man as “white and thin”. Although by your parents’ standards he is fat…

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