Anorak News | South Sudan Builds Juba’s Rhino City In PR Wars

South Sudan Builds Juba’s Rhino City In PR Wars

by | 20th, August 2010

IN southern Sudan, the blueprints are unveiled for regional cities shaped as animals and fruits.

At a cost of $10bn (£6.4bn) Juba will be designed in the shape of a rhinoceros. Wau will become a giraffe. Yambio will be shaped like a pineapple.

Juba is the capital of the region – plans are to make if the capital of the new state of South Sudan. Guess where the office of the regional president will be situated. At the back? Somewhere down between the legs? No, it’s where the rhinoceros’s eye should be.

Over in Wau, the sewage treatment plant is appropriately placed under the giraffe’s tail.

All good stuff. But cities have a habit to sprawl and the rhino might well develop a tumour or just spread until it resembles Lagos, which from space resembles a dog squatting on a huge toilet…

The plans were unveiled by the Undersecretary for Housing and Physical Planning, Daniel Wani. The plan is earmarked to cost over £10bn. Southern Sudan’s total annual budget this year is less than $2 billion.

He says:

“Juba, as an example, is a slum city. So our plan is to create a nuclear city outside Juba,” he said. “We have been given land 15 kilometers west of Juba by the state, and we met the community, they are excited to give us this land. We call it Rhino City. And equally also we have been given land in the other nine capitals.”

The thing soon starts to look like a PR stunt top draw interest to a region bereft of funds and ravaged by a civil war that ended in 2005…

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