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Jon Venables Sparks Campaign For Better Prison Conditions

by | 22nd, August 2010

JON Venables, one of James Bulger’s killers, is getting a “personal trainer”. Lucy Panton tells NoTW readers:

Panton says Venable’s has these sessions four times a week.

BLOATED child murderer Jon Venables is being given private fitness sessions in jail after ballooning to 18 STONE.

The “flabby paedo has to have up to 10-minute breathers between each set of exercises”.

Ha-ha. Look at fatso. If there is one thing worse than a being paedo it is being a fat peado – or just fat.

A prison “source” tells us:

“He got very body conscious when he had to appear on camera on the day he was sentenced. It gave him the extra spur to improve his body image and he asked the governor for assistance.”

The only person who saw him on the magic box was the slight Mr Justice Bean. Did he smirk?

And as for the “personal trainer”, well, Venables is forbidden from entering the communal gym.

Our source added: “Venables is getting up inmates’ noses again. A personal PE instructor is unheard of. It’s special treatment and people aren’t happy.”

Inmates are envious of an inmate housed in a restricted wing? We can’t have inmates being unhappy. Panton is right to highlight his appalling situation that will upset every right-minded person.

We need happy inmates. We demand the be made happy now or else the paedo killer will have won!!!


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