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Jon Venables In TV Murder Plot

by | 24th, August 2010

JON Venables, one of James Bulger’s killers, adheres to the 4th Rule of Tabloid Journalism that states: All jailed paedos, child killers, nuters and rapists must be subjected to death threats from prisoners, who if they are also paedos, child killers and rapists must not be identified as such.

Ian Huntley, Steven Barker, Jon Venables, Ray Whiting, Craig Meehan and Karen Matthews all have lags lining up to kill them, so say the tabloids.

Venables has been lined up for an attack, or two before.

So to the Star’s news that prisoners want to hurt Venables, but not for the reason you might suppose:

JAIL villains are forming “a queue a mile long” to bump off child killer Jon Venables because of his VIP treatment.

Jerry Lawton looks at the murder mile:

A prison source said last night: “There’s a queue a mile long to do him in. It’s not just what he did to poor little James or the fact he’s a child porn freak.”

Kiddie fiddlers, killers and sex fiends are the stuff of jail. This is worse:

“He’s also king of the castle in here. Anything he wants he seems to get.”

Jealousy. The lags are forming a queue a mile long because they are jealous of Jon Venables, you know, the convicted killer who lives in solitary confinement.

In other news, this in the Sun:

Denise Fergus, the mother of James Bulger – who was murdered by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson after they abducted the toddler – has hit out at a planned storyline for Law & Order: UK.

Oh? Fact and fiction mingling once more:

The plotline will mirror aspects of her child’s horrific murder in that in season three, an episode will depict two young girls abducting then murdering a young boy.

What says Denise?

“It’s virtually a direct copycat of what happened to James. I’m certain they knew it would rub salt in the wounds for me and my family.”

Hard for her and James Bulger’s family. But, unless you are directly affected, what’s on the telly is for the rest of us is just entrainment, and that includes the news.

ITV spokesperson reportedly denied that the episode was inspired by James’ murder. It seems the spokesperson claims the storyline is “loosely based” on the real-life case of 10 year old Mary Bell who murdered two boys in the late ‘60s.

That’s much better.

In episode 2, look out for a lag inside for perving at kids getting knifed to death.


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