Anorak News | Exclusive: Evidence In Marc Mysterio Case Against Brandy Norwood

Exclusive: Evidence In Marc Mysterio Case Against Brandy Norwood

by | 24th, August 2010

ANORAK’S Canadian pal Marc Mysterio – billed as Scadinavian by Tila Tequila – is currently suing Brandy Norwood. Mysterio has filed a lawsuit with the Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that Brandy Rayana Norwood agreed to perform and write music for him. And then didn’t.

Mysterio has handed us proof of the contract he claims she broke.

Says Tila, that one-woman content factory:

Come on Bran, you’re a veteran in this business and should know better than to flake on a music deal!

The deal was that Mysterio and his people would pay Brandy S10,000. The forms claim she was paid the money on July 29 2010. She would complete the song by August 6, 2010. But Mysterio claims he has yet to receive the song.

We’ve obtained a copy of the, alleged, emails between Marc’s manager Jonas Sellber and Ryan Ramsay, Brandy’s manager:

From: rram****o@******
To: jo******
Cc: dj*y****@wc*****
Sent: Wed, Aug 4, 2010 4:14 pm

Yes it was received.

Ryan Ramsey

—–Original Message—–
From: jona*************m
To: RR********OM <
Cc: dj**********.com
Sent: Wed, Aug 4, 2010 12:21 am

Dear Ryan
Hope that you are well? Just to let you know, we (Joia Records) sent the 10 000
US Dollar to your account last week Thursday 29/7 -2010.
Please let us know once the money has cleared your account
All The Best

Jonas Sällberg

The plaintiffs want $25,000. Well, so says Tila. On Popeater, the talk is of damages up to $6 million. They are actually seeking between $1 and $6 million for various damages, including loss of income, damage to reputation and inability to replace her with equal or better talent.

Equal or better talent… Anyone know what Limahl’s been up to?

Says Marc:

In california, usa, you only state on the complaint that damages are over 25,000$ usd and that amount will be determined at trial.

We’re trying to contrast the profits now against if she would’ve actually performed on the record as she was supposed to.

Damages are as much as 6 million given the lost amount of what sales, royalties, publishing, tour, etc. wouldve brought in given the infrastructure and label deals i had in place like with cloud 9 dance whom releases cascada, agnes, and lil wayne records in Europe. So, damages are much higher for a breach in a case like this invloving me than say if an average Joe paid her 10k to sing since he couldnt just flip that in to millions as we couldve and can.

More to follow….

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