Anorak News | ‘Mary Bale’ Kills Kitten In New Fox Attack

‘Mary Bale’ Kills Kitten In New Fox Attack

by | 26th, August 2010

THE Summer of The Fox takes us from the Koupparis family home in Hackney, East London, to Folkstone, Kent, where a fox is eating a kitten called Reggie. For purposes of identification (it’s what Aesop would have wanted) let’s call the fox Mary Bale.

Urban Fox Hunting Is A Hoax The Tabloids Lapped Up

Leah Betts is at home: She tells the Telegraph:

“I was gobsmacked. I won’t leave my windows open at night now and it gets really stuffy, but I’m so paranoid. To think it was brave enough to come in and stand on my bed like that – I couldn’t believe it.”

Might the fox have eaten her? Was it meaning her up, like the pet snake of urban folklore that took to sliding into its owner’s bed, lying beside her as it worked out if it was possible to swallow the woman whole?

Miss Betts shares her home with her young son Blake. She hears a noise upstairs:

“One of my kittens was standing on the bedside table, hissing, but the other was on my bed and so was the fox. It was just standing there, looking at me and I backed out of the room because I was so shocked. Then I went in again and saw the fox going back out through the window. The kitten was still alive but just lying there, limp.”

The kitten was alive. But Mary Bale had hurt it badly. It was finished off by the vet.

Says Leah:

“I think they should bring back fox hunting. I’m just so glad I didn’t have a new-born baby. Imagine if my son had been younger – he’d have been in there when the fox came in.”

It you see Mary Bale, tells the authorities – it might be your cat next…

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