Anorak News | Jon Venables Is Demonised Because He Was A Child When He Killed

Jon Venables Is Demonised Because He Was A Child When He Killed

by | 27th, August 2010

JON Venables Watch: Anorak’s look at one of James Bulger’s killers in the news: Today Venables is bedding a “string of hookers on seedy sex holidays across Europe”.

How disgusting. The Star’s Tom Savage and Jerry Lawton are right to tell us of this.

Seedy sex with prostitutes is awful. Why? Well, for starters, why wasn’t it filmed and then broadcast on Red Hot TV, the Star’s sister publication you can catch on the telly.

And why-oh-why didn’t Venables do as decent, normal Daily Star readers do and phone a “TEEN YANK” for “FULL AND TOTAL SEX RELIEF”. Or why not partake of “GRANNY SEX RELIEF” and “UNLOAD WITH AN OLDIE”?

As for the story:

Warped Venables trawled the continent for prostitutes during his nine years of freedom after serving his jail sentence for killing James Bulger.

Venables is a killer who took the life of a young child. He is in jail for possessing and trading in sexually explicit images of children. Both crimes are indefensible. This news that he shagged prostitutes like a British Stag do on a Latvian jolly makes him seem normal.

Do any other killers go on to have sex with hookers? Do adult paedophiles released from prison pay for sex? Venables remains in the news and under attack by those of the mentality that a life sentence  must mean death in jail because he killed when he was a child.

Says the Star:

The news will stun James’s mum Denise Fergus, who is forbidden from knowing his new identity.

Will it? Venables is a deviant. Mrs Fergus is painfully aware of Venables’ capabilities. Will it come as a shock that he paid for sex? Isn’t the shock that he paid for sex with adults and not children?

This story, aimed to appeal to the outraged who would see Venables die in jail, comes from an Everton supporter who travelled to matches in Europe with the killer.

“He would make a beeline for brothels. Afterwards he went on about the beautiful women in Romania and the Czech Republic, and how cheap they were.”


“He actually had a fair bit of luck with the ladies back home, so it’s not as if he needed hookers. He said hookers were just easier than getting involved.”

As we say, doesn’t that make him sound normal..?

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