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Mary Bale You Legend: Cat Woman Sacked By Fat Cat Bankers

by | 27th, August 2010

SPINSTER Mary Bale, 45, the Coventry cat woman and atithises to cat lady Susan Boyle, has been driven by the police to a “crisis meeting” with her employers at the Rugby bank where she works.

Mary Bale You Legend: Woman Putting Cat In Wheelie Bin In Coventry Is Facebook Hero

Crisis meeting at the now state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland must be routine. The bank has just lost 400 staff at its Direct Line insurance business at Atlantic Quay, Glasgow.

The Mail says Lola the cat was “terrified”. How do we know that? Cats have two expressions: bitchy and smug. Helpfully, Mary Bale is human-ish, and able to repress her thoughts and emotions in words:

Says Mary Bale:

“I’ve already been worried about losing my job because of the recession, but now it’s a near certainty. The public see me every day when I serve them. How can I hide away from that? There’s nothing I can do. How will they react when they see me? This is going to be dreadful. My whole life will be turned upside-down.”

The news is that the bank’s customer want her gone.

Indeed. It’s amazing how a country that still rewards the rich bankers whose greed brought the country to its knees can call for a woman who pushed a cat inside a wheelie bin to resign her lowly post.

RBS should rebrand itself as the Cats’ Favourite bank, with each branch featuring a picture of a grinning fat cat wearing braces and white-collar shirt sat before a pile of dead song birds…

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Mary Bale, 45, who sparked an angry online campaign after being caught on CCTV throwing a pet cat into a large green rubbish bin in the Stoke area of Coventry is escorted by police as she arrives at her home in Coventry.

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